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SDH and SONET Management

SDH and SONET Network Management

With the IMS OSS software application the complete SDH/SONET networks can be managed, with the following functionalities:

SDH and SONET Connections

All SDH/SONET connections can be managed in the IMS tool, like:

  • 2Mb/VC12/E1
  • 1.5Mb/VC11/T1
  • 34Mb/VC3/E3
  • 45MB/VC3/T3
  • VC4, VC4-4C, VC4-16C, VC4-64C, VCgroup
  • STS1, STS3, STS12, STS48, STS192
  • STM1, STM4, STM16, STM64
  • OC3,OC12, OC48, OC192

A graphical overview can be drawn for each connection. This is done “on-the-fly”, calculated from the information held within the database. All details of the worker and protect route is given, including leased line details.

The user can decide what kind of information is visible on the screen like location details, card details and DDF/ODF information.

Below you will see an example of a 2Mb IP connection running over SDH network.

Example of a 2Mb IP connection running over SDH and SONET network

Example of a 2MB IP connection

Connection Layering

In IMS it is very easy to walk through the different connection layers. For example in SDH from 2MB to VC4 to STMx and vice versa.

In SONET networks from T1 to T3 to STSx to OCx and vice versa.

Below an example of sub VC4, including channel and KLM numbering.

SDH and SONET Sub channels of a VC4

Example of sub VC4

Also Ethernet over SDH/SONET (EoS) is supported in the IMS tool, including VCG (VC-Group) and Ethernet VLAN (EPL, EPLN, EPT).

Ethernet SDH and SONET

Ethernet over SDH/SONET

SDH and SONET Protections

SDH/SONET protections can be registered, like:

  • MSP
  • Twin connections
  • DNI
  • 1+n card protection
  • Mesh/ASON

SDH/SONET Equipment

The IMS software tool has the capability to model all SDH and SONET equipment as well as all other platforms, like WDM, Ethernet, MPLS, Mobile 2G/3G/4G, Voice, DSL, PDH, Microwave, Servers, Power, Sync and Electrical and Mechanical.

The IMS tool is vendor independent, so all types of all vendors can be modelled in the application.

For each shelf/sub-shelf the front and back layout can be modelled in a graphical representation.

Equipment SDH and SONET

Equipment SDH/SONET

DDF-ODF related to SDH/SONET equipment

Equipment can be pre-wired to a patch panel , DDF, ODF or other type of distribution frames. These frames and cabling can be stored in the system.

DDF-ODF related to SDH and SONET

DDF/ODF related to SDH/SONET

Users can create the digital and optical distribution frames with location as starting point.
DDF/ODF shelves and patch panels can be positioned in a rack.

Each frame has a front and a back. Per frame position a connection/patch can be made to equipment (pre-wiring) or other frame.

Below a screenshot of an ODF with its positions.

SDH and SONET Screenshot of an ODF with its positions

Screenshot of an ODF with its positions

Below screenshot a cable route of two equipment on different location connected to each other via internal cabling and distribution frames.

SDH and SONET Distribution-frames

Cable route of two equipment on different location

Relation between SDH/SONET and other platforms

The IMS software tool will give the relation between SDH/SONET and other platforms, like WDM, Fiber or MPLS.

This relation can be a carrier/sub relation or circuit/cable between ports of the different platforms. See schematic drawing below:

relation between SDH and SONET and other platforms

Relation between SDH/SONET and other platforms

Network Map

Graphical network drawings can be created in the Network Map functionality.

All items on the Network Map are drawn from the database. Equipment and connections can be opened directly from the Network Map.

Configuration of the network can be done via this form.

Below example screenshot:

SDH and SONET Interactive networkmaps

Graphical network